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Koh Lanta, Thailand--Construction workers work on the communal toilets for World Vision's new government-sponsored temporary structures.  The 12'x12' units were built to house residents from the village of Hua Laem on Koh Lanta island, Thailand, who lost their homes to the Tsunami.  Villagers, however, strongly oppose moving and are beginning to rebuild their homes.  The development, which villagers call the "hog farm", is made up of single-room units that are hot and lack any kind of privacy.  To make matters more complex, Hua Laem is primarily a Muslim community and the units are built on property owned by a Buddhist temple.  Villagers also fear that the government's motive for moving them is financial as the land they've occupied for over a hundred years is valuable ocean-front property which, rumor has it, the government wants to develop into a marina.  01/20/05 © Julia Cumes / The Image Works