South Africa's First Post-Apartheid Generation

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Ursula Nieuwoudt brushes her sister, Odette's hair after school at the Nieuwoudt's home in the Hennops River area just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa.  Ursula, an Afrikaner (South African of Dutch descent) lives with her parents and two sisters on a farm (not in operation).  Her father, Kobus, is a town planner and consultant and her mother, Annelie, owns a topiary.  The Nieuwoudts employ a live-in cook, domestic servant and several landscapers for Annelie's business.  Their three girls attend a predominantly white school. "We were brought up very conservatively," says Kobus of the changes in South Africa since Apartheid's end.  "We knew that we had to change.  We never say racist things in front of our children," he adds.